Friday, June 22, 2007

Jack Adams

Capital Addiction was not able to be at the 2007 NHL Draft in Columbus this weekend, so we sent a reporter to ask the hard questions and get the scoop (Bethany took pity on us and is passing along gossip and pictures).

Bethany snapped a pic of the Jack Adams, which seems to have been cruelly parted from Alain Vigneault already. Uhh, I know its not the Stanley Cup but jeez, let ol' Alain hang out with it for a few days. He might not scale a mountain with it, but maybe a few polaroids?

________________________(click for larger view)

Also, Bethany has informed us that she is slacking off in joining the other bloggers for a beer as she is busy collecting juicy gossip for us. Bethany, this is a tough one (because Capital Addiction loves juicy gossip) but go for the beer.


Rage said...

Or car bombs.

Shmee said...

Good point.

Bethany: take one for us!

Bethany said...

Haha saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I ditched the bloggers and had drinks anyway haha