Monday, June 25, 2007

Jersey unveiling and draft roundup

I knew several weeks ago that I wouldnt be able to attend the Caps Draft Day party, but I wasnt too worried about it as the Caps have a lot of terrific bloggers, who in turn wrote a lot of terrific posts that I can link to.

Jerseys /Draft Party/Draft picks

DC Sports Chick


Bleatings from a Caps Nut

WaPo on tattoos of the new logo that fans got

Tarik on Karl Alzer as the fifth overall pick by the Caps

Oh, fog machines. Dearest fog machines. You bring back such fond memories of my sixth grade dance.


Rage said...

My 6th grade dance was Hoottttttt

I mean, at least the girls LOOKED hot from the other side of the gym.

Ally Sinistra said...

Back from vacation and I find out we got Alzner. Yeaaaah!

Rage said...

I wish your name as ally sinatra. That's what I always read.

Shmee said...

Ok, I posted this elsewhere but I would like to bring it up here.

Doesnt Riley Nash look like a Sedin twin?

Bethany said...

YES HE DOES!!!!!!! Oh I have a story about Riley Nash to tell you...but it will have to wait until later...because I am super busy and really slacking...