Monday, October 22, 2007

The things you miss while on vacation...

Tom Poti on Jeff Schultz:

"He moves the puck well for a big guy, and he gets around the rink really well for a big guy," Pothier said of Schultz. "If he does those things, and adds a physical dimension to his game, he's going to be a player. He doesn't have to kill guys, rip heads off and start fighting everybody. But he needs to be more assertive."



1) Was that an actual quote?? Very funny!! Poti should know as he has had that exact knock on himself
2) That said he has played quite well for you guys so far.
3) BTW, question. Were you satisfied with the result saturday? Of course you didn't like the score, but we've read other cap blogs where they 'liked the effort'. Seems that its time the caps won not just tried to win games. Also what in hell was up with a minor leaguer playing with ovechkin and on the PP point??

Shmee said...

1) It was. Some of the guys this year are really funny, if even unintentionally.
2) Schultz or Poti? I actually think both have had their ups and downs.
3)It was so-so. We again took some dumb penalties. Johnson was great in goal, but I thought Jurcina looked dull out there, as did Poti at times. And Clark needs to start chipping in with some goals. I dont think anybody expects that line to score 100 goals, but 60 on the year would be really nice.

And Joe Motzko is wondering the same thing as you.