Tuesday, October 9, 2007

around the internets

Tarik's take on the Islanders game, and apparently Jeff Schultz is headed to Hershey since he isnt getting any time up here. Remember, since Schultz is in the last year of his entry level deal, he can go back and forth to Hershey without having to pass through waivers. Creates some nice options for the Caps. Now, lets just hope that Jeff eats some chocolate while he is down there...or eats anything, in fact. He really needs to add some girth.

Also, a win with 12 shots last night? Hot damn.

Corey on the game last night, and is it me, or is Laichusfston really coming into his own? Along with John Erskine? Couldnt be better timing all around for the Caps.


Rage said...

Couple notes:

1) It was great to meet you at the game. Sorry I had to lame out after getting a little sick.
2) For the reading public out there, rest assured that Shmee is every bit as hot as you'd want a hockey loving fan to be.
3) This quote from GH in the WaPo: "His worth on this team won't be measured at the end of year by scoring 25 goals," Hanlon said. "When a guy does everything you ask of him, and he scores a goal like that, there's a special place in your heart as a coach for guys who do that."

Rage said...

Also, from Corey's blog:
Alex Ovechkin was out on the ice before everyone else trying out some new skates. After the game last night someone asked him about the missing tooth and he responded, "Girls like it. Look like tough guy."

Rage said...

And Danielle Johnson looks JUST like this girl:


1) Rage: We liked your technique in your first post! We're usually assailed for numbering our posts. LOL
2) Hmmm, after that description of the blog moderator here we may have to go to some Caps games. ; )
3) Not sure why Schultz wasn't demoted before the season started. Unless/until someone gets hurt/Eminger is traded, etc he'll have to stay down on the farm. Playing regularly at 21 is a lot to ask. He'll probably be the first guy recalled when a guy gets nicked.

Shmee said...

Ha! Rage, it was great meeting you too! Faux, let me know next time you are at a game.

Faux, I wondered that as well re: Schultz. Maybe they thought a trade for Emmy was in the works sooner rather then later and it got scrapped? I am guessing that from all the heavy hinting that Mike Vogel did on D&C about a trade.

Rage said...

As much as I love Muffins, Steck is centering the checking line tonight. Biiiig opportunity for my boy.