Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Around the internets

Word on the street (well, the WaPo) is that Chris Clark, Alex Semin, and Tom Poti are all practicing in NYC, but no word yet on if any of them will play. Clark's ear required 60 stitches after it was hit by Ovie's slapshot.

And, the the NHLPA has finished another stage of its re-haul:

NHL players ratified a new constitution that significantly alters the way the union is governed, completing a lengthy review process that started with the dispute over the hiring of former executive director Ted Saskin.

The constitution, approved through a secret ballot and announced Tuesday, eliminates the National Hockey League Players' Association's executive committee, which was comprised of a president and six vice presidents.

In its place, the 30 club-player representatives will serve as equal voting members of an executive board.

UPDATE: Tarik says Clark, Semin and Poti are out. And, Clark also chipped a tooth in the game against the Canucks when Kevin Bikesa high sticked him. Ouch.

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1) Knowing Clark he must be hurt pretty badly to miss time. He's taken a beating the last couple of years!
2) Groins are notoriously difficult to judge, and can take time to heal, so no telling how long Poti wail miss.
3) As for Semin, its not good when you continue to re-injure an ankle the way it appears he has now done twice since the original injury. At some point they may have to simply shut him down for a few weeks, or the worse case scenario, have surgery to repair the damaged ligaments.