Monday, October 22, 2007

Donald Brashear, blogger?

Again....vacation cannot live up to this:

At which point Brashear gave out his e-mail address over the radio. I'll withhold that address for now, although it's obviously not that hard to find. And what happened next? Aside from a Junkie saying "silly"?

"Five minutes later I'm getting [bleepin'] emails coming in, coming out," Brashear said. "I'm thinking, 'A lot of people want to talk to the players, so why not just start a blog and see where it goes?' "

And thus, a new local sports superstar blogger may have been born. Brashear is currently trying to find a home for his blogging services on the Interwebs, and hopes to settle on a destination soon, but he already knows the sort of things he'll write about.

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