Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blithering Idiocy, part deux

Paul Holmgren needs to be fired.

That blithering idiot, who defended Steve Downie after this hit, after Downie was clearly letting his temper get the better of him again, after Downie was "avenging" a legal hit by Christoph Schubert, after Downie's half assed apology to McAmmond, is still tacitly absolving that little shit of any blame in the matter.

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren told reporters Friday that the team plans to have Downie serve the NHL suspension in blocks, calling him up from time to time to serve the 20 games. Downie has not played an NHL game with the Flyers and was expected to start the season in the minor leagues. But injuries this week to forwards Scottie Upshall, R.J. Umberger and Joffrey Lupul boosted the chances that the 20-year-old prospect could have started the year with the big club.

"He can go the American League and play," Holmgren was quoted as saying in the Philadelphia Daily News. "Our plan is to make this suspension go away as quickly as possible. And because of our cap situation, we're probably going to have to get creative."

Holmgren added that the 20-year-old forward would be recalled to the big club on days the AHL team is not playing.

"I've talked to the league about this," Holmgren told local reporters. "When we carry him on our roster, we're pushing the limit of the cap, so there is punishment to the Flyers, as well."

In the words of some very eloquent Hershey Bears fans, BULLSHIT!

NOTE: The AHL has suspended the little shit for the first month of the season. Oh how painful pitiful.


Anonymous said...

Would that be "BULLSHIT!" emphatic outburst or "Bull....shit...." the singsongy I Don't Believe You tone?

Bitchany said...

I hate it...I hate it...I hate it...

Sherry said...

A month in the AHL amounts to about 10 games.

Oh no! You have cap space punishment! Cry me a river.

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