Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forsberg would only go to Sens or Avs

At least, according to two"anonymous " NHL officials. What I dont understand is, why would either of them want him? Forsberg is still a dominant player -- when he is healthy. Which is about .01% of the time. And these teams would have to spend all their time crossing their fingers and warding off evil with garlic to get him healthy .01% of the time.

If Peter Forsberg decides to play again in the NHL, it will only be for a Stanley Cup contender. Which means the Ottawa Senators might be in line for another Swedish scorer.

A pair of NHL sources told the Toronto Sun that Ottawa and Colorado Avalanche are the only two teams on Forsberg's list. A decision from the star is expected by the middle of November.

Forsberg has a history in Colorado, winning Cups as a member of the Avalanche in both 1995/96 and 2000/01.

ESPN is saying that the Stars sent Brett Hull to Sweden to "woo" Forsberg. Probably not their best idea. If Brett Hull tried to "woo" me for anything, I'd probably start crying. Or run in the opposite direction.

I think Forsberg wants to go out on a high note -- preferably with a Cup, or damn close to a Cup, or with an organization he has good history with that has a shot at the Cup (ahem, Colorado). And that would be a great story...but does he really have it in him? Based on the disaster of last season, I dont think so.

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