Thursday, July 19, 2007

News from Hershey

The always excellent Tim Leone has a piece out today about some of the players who took part in last week's development camp. Andrew Gordon and Sami Lepisto will be in Hershey, but expect the Cap's recent signee, Jason Morgan, to make it up in case of injuries. After finishing up the year with St. Cloud State, Gordon played on the Bear's practice squad during the playoffs and even sported the team's trademark mohawk.

Leone also speaks with Oskar Osala (how can you not love that name?) about his prospects in the pros. And Leone has some fun facts: Sami Lepisto's godfather? Jari Kurri. And Bruce Boudreau knows Jason Morgan, as he coached him in the ECHL during the 97-98 season. Some highlights from the column:

Boudreau said he likes the reality and ego check young players get when they're able to get a taste of the AHL before their formal rookie campaign.

"These kids that weren't Aces (Bear's practice squad), they come to camp and think automatically they've got a job, for one," Boudreau said. "They think, Oh, I didn't make the NHL, I'm going to eat up the American Hockey League. I think these kids [who were 2007 Black Aces] are going to be so ahead of that.

And this from the 6-4, 222 pound Osala:
"When you're big like me, you have to finish every check," Osala said. "That's just a part of the North American game. That's what I will always do.

"I try to do everything to help the team win. I try to finish my checks, shoot a lot, and try to make room for my teammates.
I would love to see Osala in Washington or Hershey soon, and from GMGM's quotes, that shouldnt be too far off the horizon.


Rage said...

I posted this on JP's site, but it's applicable here as well.

"I love Fins, but why do our Fins have such boring names? Other teams have Jokinen, Nittymaki, Laaksonen, etc.

Osala and Lepisto? C'mon."

Shmee said...

But Oskar Osala? Thats awesome.

Rage said...

He gets some credit for the OsKar. I like that. But still, it's no Antero, or Antii.