Monday, July 9, 2007

07 draft review

Hockey's Future has a good take on how the Caps fared in this year's draft. This quote about Karl Alzner really stood out:

What separates Alzner from the pack is his approachable, light personality. Clearly someone who likes to talk, Alzner is a team-first player who will do whatever his coach and the team asks of him. When asked about his limited ice time with Team Canada at the 2007 World Juniors, Alzner responded, "I play whatever role I’m thrown into. I used that time on the bench to watch some of the best Canadian players in the CHL and in the college ranks, it was such a good learning experience for me... I'm just as good of a cheerleader as I am a player."


Rage said...

Kid's awesome. I really like hearing interviews with him.

Ally S said...

He does seem like a very good kid.

Shmee said...

Ditto on both your comments.