Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kevin Lowe speaks (some more)

A few highlights from the disgruntled Edmonton GM's recent interview with the Edmonton Sun. The whole article is worth reading and keep in the mind the "other" wife they are referring to is Lauren Pronger. The free agent/trade situation is bad enough that Lowe is considering going after restricted free agents and paying the penalty in draft picks.

Inviting a pair of reporters to his house to tell his version of what happened in the Michael Nylander fiasco, Lowe painted a picture of another wife who didn't want to live here.

[Lowe] says he's going to hire a concierge for the players and wives to try to make this the happiest place to play on earth

"Facts are facts and the truth is the truth," he said of deciding to speak. Lowe said it was early afternoon July 1 when agent Gillis told him 'I think he'll take the deal. He wants to come, but his wife is uncertain.' "


Then, [Lowe] pointed out, this columnist (Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones) called to inquire about the Washington Capitals announcement that they'd just signed Nylander.

Lowe finally reached Nylander.

"In a sombre voice, he told me 'I just couldn't do it.' It was like his wife freaked out, like she was being shipped to Siberia or something."

So what did GMGM have to say when Lowe called him?

"He told me he got a call from the player and cited the Mike Vernon judgment that a player is not signed until he's signed.

Lowe on attracting free agents:
"We spent a lot of time at this. Our inability to attract guys. What is it? The city? Me? What's the statement?"

He said none of the so called 'Big Three' - Daniel Briere, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez - were even open to discussion.

Its hard to read this article and not feel some sympathy for Kevin Lowe. But, this is the same man who traded away Ryan Smyth at the deadline for some prospects. The prospects might be ready in a couple years but Lowe knows that the Oilers need help now. And more importantly, he knew that at the trade deadline when he did a crap job of shopping around Smyth.

And jeez, stop blaming the wife. If a family feels like its not the best decision to move somewhere, thats a valid point.


Ally S said...

See? Its all his fault to being with.

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Rage said...

This is why women shouldn't be allowed to talk.

I'm with you, Kev!!11

Bitchany said...

Ya know...I am really anxious to go to Edmonton to see what this place is can't be that bad can it?!

Shmee said...

Ally: Right on sista!

Rage: What!? You are with Lowe on this one? He is such a whiner who is trying to deflect attention from his bad decisions.

Bitchany: I was curious too, so I googled it. Based on pics, it looks fine but then again who knows what its really like? I can imagine that its that terrible though when your hubby makes millions of dollars.

Rage said...

I'm with Lowe on women causing nothing but headaches.

Right on, brother.

Bitchany said...

Oh yeah, that'd be really difficult for me. I have a friend that was born and raised there...and he didn't have a problem with it...I will investigate this...wanna go to a game in Edmonton with me this year?! Haha

Shmee said...

Rage: Yeah yeah, we are the finest ladies you know

Bitchany: Um, did you just say hockey road trip? Hell yeah! Rage can drives us up there while we make him listen to Celine Dion on repeat.

Rage said...

If you think that I own a car, you're both crazy. I live in Brooklyn, if I had a car it would be stripped in about 4.5 minutes.

Also, I'm not sure Edmonton can handle me. You can take Rage out of the hood, but you can't take the rage out of Rage. Word.

Bitchany said...

Haha I seriously doubt we can drive to Edmonton...but'd be a rough trip haha...and I own a car...and it's a lovely traveling car. Brooklyn scares me Rage...have you seen the movie Newsies?! haha

KMS2 said...

Rage, you're hysterical.

Last year when Pronger demanded a trade out of Edmonton I said to my dad, "Can you believe they don't want to live Edmonton?" My dad looked at me with a puzzled look and responded "Well, who does?"

I definitely wasn't expecting my dad to say that, but maybe he's on to something. My only guess is that it's one of those places that you love if you grew up there but you don't fall in love with if grew up somewhere else. Who knows...poor Kevin Lowe...

Rage said...

I LOVE Newsies. Great movie.

And seriously, my place isn't that bad. As long as you like dodging bullets from crack dealers. And pitt-bull fights. And giant monsters with three heads and tentacle arms that spew SARS and Bird Flu and other moderately frightening diseases.

Bitchany said...

Ya know it takes a real man to admit he likes Newsies. And, remind me never to go to Rage-ville

Ally S said...

You are a brave man Rage.

Rage said...

I'm all man, Beth. I drink chocolate milk and watch Pixar movies while adjusting the tape on the bridge of my glasses.


Bitchany said...

Is it duct tape? Because, that would be even better....