Monday, July 30, 2007

DC is Jerky for two more years

The Caps avoided arbitration with Milan Jurcina, and signed him to a two year deal.

Jurcina will earn $850,000 next season and $912,500 in 2008-09. He made $500,000 last season.
I think Jurcina was an excellent pick up, so I am pleased to hear this. Lets hope in two years, his price doesnt go up too significantly.


Ally S said...


Bitchany said...

Avoiding arbitration is always a good thing! Congrats!! I hope he works out well.


1) Have to agree. He had a poor start in beantown, but after the trade he seeemd to fit in well, and appeared poised to become a top 4 defensemen
2) If he does, the deal he signed will be a bargain, and people will again wonder what in hell is going on in Boston!?!

Shmee said...

Ally: Yup, I am excited.

Bethany: Arb is brutal for players, he was definitely an asset so I am glad we made a deal.

Faux: Couldnt have put it better myself. He is a huge guy and lays crushing hits on players. It was a good trade. Do you think GMGM will separate the Jerky/Mo line?

noyb said...

I think he is going to seperate them. It makes sense now that the caps have some more vet defensemen.

Anonymous said...

I feel so puck bunny saying this but I think that Milan Jurrcina is exceedingly hot.

Shmee said...

Anon: preaching to the choir. His hockey skills were enough to make me a fan, but the hot part doesnt hurt at all.

And not puck bunny at all unless you start showing up at practices in crop tops and denim cutoff shorts. And a perm.