Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy Mother!

Photo blatantly stolen from DC Sports Bog

Warning: This has nothing to do with hockey.

Can someone please please report back from this party? I figure that at least Ovie has to be getting an invite, right? I am desperately hoping that Dan Steinberg attends and reports. Since there are never any big sports parties in DC, and this one has so much potential to be a complete shit show, I am gonna need a full report. I can easily see the following things happening as a result of this party:
-Kim Kardashian sex tape, part two
-The Hoyas show up with a keg and peer pressure Richard Jefferson into doing a keg stand
-Someone decides throwing things at passing cars is a good idea and we get some great mugshots out of that. On the other hand, I shouldnt judge the Wizards on the actions of albino Canadian farm boys.

I'll have actual hockey news tomorrow, but this was too good to pass up posting about. By tomorrow I'll also have convinced myself to not post about my wild conspiracy theories around Gary Bettman's agenda against the Caps, to be played out by refs making bad calls. All in my head? Possibly, but this is the internet, so I can post all sorts of crazy thoughts!

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