Monday, March 10, 2008

Still speechless

Ok, not really speechless. I can bitch, which is what I am about to do. Its also ten times better then the profanity laced tirade I was going to unleash on the internets on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Un-fucking-believable (a little profanity was called for). Saturday's horrific loss, and Sunday's massive fuckup were completely winnable games. Yeah, I feel bad for Nicky and the own goal. That sucks, and was a complete accidental fuck up. But I saw one Capital crashing the net all night, and low and behold....he scored a goal. Congratulations Brooks Laich.

Saturday's loss was hard to swallow, through a maze of bad calls and some serious lack of discipline. But the lack of urgency I saw from some of the Capitals on Sunday was even harder to cope with.

I've been sitting on this post all day, so I am finally going to stop wrestling with my thoughts and hit publish. But I do it very sadly, and with dimmed hope for April/May.

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1) Considering what transpired for you guys this weekend we'd say that post was VERY restrained!
2) You nailed it with your 'lack of urgency' observation. Especially Sunday it looked like the Penguins were the more hungry team. Maybe it was fatigue?
3) Anyway you look at it, the Caps have been a .500 team since they took over the top spot (briefly) in the SE a few weeks ago.