Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 60th (sorta)

Congrats Alex!


Projetor said...

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usually frustrated caps fan said...

Shmee: Nice post,love the Harda&& visor pic. I'd like your help, even though the Caps came out a little flat I didn't feel they played down to the level of the Thrash - they outshot, out hit and outplayed Atlanta in every period - Kari Lehtonen kept them in the game. For that reason, I'd like the help of you and your readers, though. Last night on Comcast after the game, Lisa Hillary, experienced hockey commentator and insightful analyst that she is, made a statement that the Caps had been outplayed the first two periods last night as well. My suggestion is that her recent pop-up on the Caps website be trashed for this SOOOO obviously wrong statement - again look at the stats. Please post a comment to Caps owner Ted Leonsis on his blog Ted's Take if you agree and support the position.

I feel strongly the only reason the Caps didn't score at least two in the first and at least one in the second was Lehtonen's play and if it weren't for him the score would have been 10+-3 for the Caps. Twenty-three shots in a period is also a unique way to play defense eh? Anyone who wasn't drained (in a good way) at the end of this one, after watching doesn't know what good hockey is all about. No loser point last night. LETS GO CAPS!!!!!