Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To ponder

GMGM on Sergei Fedorov:

"We're hoping he's got one more good fight in him," McPhee said. "He's a veteran guy who's had success in this league, who's good on faceoffs and can still make a play."
Every Caps fan tonight is hoping (this one desperately) that Fedorov does have one more good fight in him. He could have languished in Columbus and retired without any last glorious run. If there was ever a last chance to do something amazing, to prove that you alone can lift a team to another level -- and not just with goals -- Fedorov has the opportunity for it here. By providing some much needed post season experience and mentoring, Fedorov can help the Caps to the offseason.

Matt Cooke on playing for the Caps:
“I look forward to coming somewhere where you’re used in the proper way and you feel like you’re wanted; you’re supporting the rest of the cast as well. I look forward to the change and the opportunity with the Washington Capitals.”
And this is an interesting one from Pettinger, as I didnt hear a whiff of it (though, you have to imagine any player not getting ice time is not happy with the Coach).
Pettinger said he's seen his ice time drop since Bruce Boudreau took over as Washington's head coach.

"We sort of butted heads a little," said Pettinger. "Some coaches get along with certain players and some coaches don't.

"I know I haven't played unbelievable hockey this year. I know my potential is there and I have proven it in the past. I'm hoping the change of scenery will sort of ignite me."

Unbelievable hockey? I would have taken mediocre but he didnt even have that after plenty of opportunity to turn his season around. Either way, good luck to Pettinger in Vancouver.


dmg said...

I think Fedorov catches an inordinate amount of flak for not being the player he used to be offensively because while he isn't he is still a solid offensive player and a very good defensive center.

Also, I'd have to disagree a little - a think Pettinger was at least decent.


1) The caps finally have someone who can win a face off?
2) Think Cpa fans will like the Cooke deal a lot! He plays in your face hockey. Something the Caps have been lacking. A Sean Avery Darcy Fucker type player.

Bethany said...

Fedorov is the best, he can play any position, any time, and doesn't really care...he seems to really love the sport.
Last season Hitch even had him on the blue line and man...ugh now I miss Feds...........sigh