Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chunk re-signs for two years


Left wing Tomas Fleischmann signed a $1.45 million, two-year contract extension with the Washington Capitals on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old Fleischmann has six goals and 15 assists in 53 games this season. He has 10 goals and 21 assists in 96 games over three seasons with the Capitals.

Fleischmann was a second-round pick by Detroit in 2002 and was traded to the Capitals in 2004.

Oh Flash....dear dear Flash.

We had such hope for you, with your curly red hair and flashes of brilliant play. Then you squandered half a season during which you got many opportunities to play on lines featuring names like Nylander, Ovechkin, Kozlov, Backstrom, and Semin. You get the picture.

We cheered for you, and thought of you as our scrappy underdog. Kind of like our very own Chunk from the Goonies, with a dash of Inigo Montoya because you had to have your revenge by playing brilliantly and showing everyone they were wrong about you. (Note: Princess Bride, Goonies, and Wonder Years references are always welcome at Cap Addiction.)

And you did play well (sometimes) and seemed to have a fire lit under you(sometimes) but most of the time we forget you are on the ice, even with curly red hair sticking out of the side of your helmet. This is not good...not the hair (which is awesome) but the part about being invisible. We cheer for Steve Eminger, and no one cheers for Steve Eminger anymore. Its not good when even Cap Addiction starts to forget about you.

In our roundabout, was-she-drunk-when-she wrote-this kind of way, we are trying to encourage you. So maybe is the final push you need to step up to plate...we are hoping so, because we really are rooting for you. Tarik says that BB thinks you are on the verge of a breakthrough. The Caps have shown clear confidence in you with this move, and your long time Hershey coach Bruce Boudreau has your back up here. So please, find your inner "Captain Chunk" and start scoring some goals. Here is a little inspiration:



1) We still can NOT understand this signing! IF Flash(worst applicable nick-name ever!) were having a decent season(more than 10 goals) OR was showing signs of improvement we could understand the urgency of getting a deal done, but why now and why for TWO years???
2) The guy has played on the top 2 lines with lots of PP time all year. To have 6 goals is inexcusable! As we've written before. Tomas(we refuse to call him Flash from now on until he shows he can live up to that name!) has the instincts, but always seems to be a step behind. He has good AHL numbers because its a slower game down on the farm.
3) If one looks at who should/will be the top 6 forwards for the caps next season (Backstrom, AO, Fehr, Nylander, Kozlov, Semin) where does Tomas play? He's worthless(even more than usual) at anything other than a scoring line. Note: Those top 6 also exclude Clark

dmg said...

I think it was a good signing. So little commitment for the Capitals, both in terms of years and money. If it works out, great. If not, it's not a big deal to move him or even release him. He also has 10 points in his last 15 games, so I think he is on the uptick.

Steph said...

It's me. They're keeping him around in attempt to convert me. I promise. And I love it.

(Why oh why do I always fall for the little underachievers?)