Monday, February 11, 2008

Former Cap Zednik in stable condition

Richard Zednik was seriously injured during a game a Panthers-Sabres game on Sunday

Zednik was behind the play and skating into the right corner of the Sabres' zone, when teammate Olli Jokinen was upended by Sabres forward Clarke MacArthur. Jokinen fell head-first to the ice, and his right leg flew up and struck Zednik directly on the side of the neck.

Clutching his neck, Zednik raced to the Florida bench, leaving a long trail of blood. When he arrived, he nearly fell into the arms of a team trainer, who quickly applied a towel to the cut. Zednik was then helped off the ice by the trainer and teammate Jassen Cullimore, and escorted to the Panthers' dressing room.

The good news is that Zednik is in stable condition at a Buffalo hospital. I am sincerely hoping for a speedy recovery for him.

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