Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Thats the word Alex Ovechkin used here to describe tonight's 4-1 win over the Canes and I couldnt agree with him more.

If someone claims that the Phone Booth wasnt as loud tonight as one of those "hockey towns" like Calgary or Montreal, that person is a tool.

From the blanket of red that covered Verizon Center to the chants of MVP to the great saves by Cristobal Huet to the bone crunching and at times emotional play to the last joyful celebration by the Caps on the ice, it was all unbelievable.

I can hands down say that tonight was one of the best live games I have ever attended, for any sport.

The Caps came out with a hard, desperate edge, fully aware that their playoff hopes were hinged on tonight. That tonight would determine if every painful injury and long road trip was worth it. That tonight would help prove that they had graduated from what many last season considered an AHL team playing in the NHL, to a full fledged playoff contender demanding of respect. And they did it.

Matt Cooke's first goal took the edge off, but as the Caps seemed to be resting on their laurels a bit too much in the beginning of the second period - which resulted in a Canes goal to cut the margin to 2-1 for the Caps - they came alive. Its as if the Caps came full circle in tonight's contest, with many of those tough calls that happened in Boston and Pittsburgh losses finally falling to our favor. They let the Canes re-dominate the play a bit again in the third but most importantly, they once again pulled themselves back from that edge and finished the job. Exactly what they will have to do if their season should continue past Saturday.

No doubt that there is a tough road ahead. The Canes play the Ning in Carolina tomorrow, then the Panthers in Carolina as well. Should the Canes win both those contests, and the Caps win their next two contests as well, the Canes will still win the SE Division due to having one more overall win on the season then the Caps. The Caps are currently at 41 wins, the Canes at 42.

Philly and Boston remain tied in the 8th and 7th slots with 91 points. They also each have a game in hand on the Capitals. Should they each win their next three games, even with the Capitals winning their next two as well, Philly and Boston would still beat us with 97 points to the Caps 94 points. The Rangers stand at number 5 in the East with 93 points and three games while the Senators stand at number 6 with 92 points and two games remaining (one against the Bruins in Ottawa).

But for now, we are still alive and tonight was still unbelievable. For tonight, that's all that matters.


Rage said...

Shmee, saw you on tv last night. Where was your red? Tsk tsk.

dmg said...

The Caps are more than just a playoff contender - they're one of the 4 best teams in the NHL since Boudreau took over and most of that time they were playing with below average goaltending!

I don't know just how good the Capitals are but they're definitely better than some of the team that will be in the playoffs.