Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lecavalier to have shoulder surgery

Something tells me that Matt Cooke isnt going to be on Big Vinny's Christmas card list this year:

Tampa Bay Lightning center Vincent Lecavalier will have surgery to repair damage to his right shoulder.

Lecavalier was hurt in Thursday's game at Washington. His shoulder was dislocated when he fell awkwardly after a hit by Washington's Matt Cooke.

Personally, I saw the hit and thought it was clean. Cookie (a perfect nickname for a top instigator, no?) was fined $2,500 for it, but that seemed more of a "OMG, how could someone hurt NHL superstar Vinny?" type of deal to me. The refs didnt call anything on the play for a reason.

In other news, the Caps will play the Flyers in the first round of the playoffs, most likely to start on Thursday. I'm still flying high from yesterday's win, but when I come down, I'll have lots to stay about the league's dirtiest team. Most of it will start with the letter F.


Dan, Jr. said...

I remember wondering last season, if most of the ref's were inexperienced rookies. But, this season's officiating and suspension inconsistancies have got to be the worst I've ever seen. I haven't been following hockey my entire life, but I've a feeling I'm not alone in my view of the situation.

If there wasn't bad blood between our divisional rivalries before, there sure is now, huh?

The letter F seems to come up a lot, when I think of the Flyers also.

Dan, Jr. said...

Just wanted to add, I'm with you on your comments about what went down with Cooke and Vinny.


1) If Cooke's doig his job he's on NO ONE'S Christmas card list! LOL
2) HMMMM, 'F' words to describe the Flyers? We're guessing that Fabulous, fantastic, friendly aren't among them? ; )
3) Will we see ya Friday?

Anonymous said...
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dmg said...

I agree with you, if it's Brashear carrying the puck and Lecavalier hitting Cookie rather than the other way 'round and it's Cooke who's hurt, there's probably no punishment.