Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have had a work project for the last few weeks that has kept me in the office about 18 hours a day. Not a lot of time for blogging in there. I managed to catch most of the Caps games on TV, and all of them in person.

I suppose I thought the forced days of hockey exile would inoculate me a bit if the Caps lost tonight. That's not the case, at all. Like every other Caps fan, I am heartbroken. I'm grateful for the most amazing season of hockey that I have ever seen. I'm grateful to have seen Alex Ovechkin undoubtedly take over as the super star of the NHL, have my heart lift at the sight of Sergei Federov flying around the ice one more time, and watch Olie during what will probably be his last season in Washington. And most of all I am grateful for the amazing effort that every member of the Caps put forward.

But my heart is still a little cracked.


Rage said...

Nice post, Shmee.

This was the closest I've ever felt to a team. Every single guy seems so damn likeable, and they gave us such a ride since 11/23/07 to 4/22/08. 5 damn months.

What a year.


1) Tough way to lose, but this team in reality has been playing game 7's since the Allstar break
2) Great effort from them considering it appeared that almost every defensemen was playing hurt. Would be surprised if Green didn't have a broken foot, Poti was playing with a leg injury, or if Morrisonn wasn't playing with a seperated shoulder, etc.
3) Hopefully Kozlov was playing hurt else they need to unload him as he rarely appeared to hustle/give effort all series long. Trade him/buy him out and use the money to resign Feds.

Patrice said...

don't worry, the Habs will avenge your loss to the Flyers!

Anonymous said...

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